Roland XS-42H Matrix Switcher

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When it comes to sharing ideas and collaborating, it’s important to create the right environment.
The growing popularity of ‘huddle spaces’ and smaller collaboration environments show
that people need quick, flexible ways to meet and get things done.
How many times have you been in a meeting, only to waste a good deal of valuable meeting
time trying to connect the laptop to the large screen or projector? When ‘consumer’ TV’s
are used for business, you quickly realize they’re not up to the task – with ‘unfriendly’ remote
controls and user interfaces that are not suitable for repeatedly switching inputs. This is a cable
and presentation nightmare.
The Roland XS-42H gets your meetings started in no time, with fast seamless connection of up
to four computers and tablets over HDMI. Installed in minutes, the XS-42H means you can lose
the remote controls, forget ‘connection anxiety’ and create a meeting space that anyone and
everyone can use in seconds - without needing to call the IT department yet again to sort the
connection problems out and wasting even more time.