Manual Rmt Controlled Video Switch - 2x1 - BNC

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The TX-MVX is the ideal choice in installations where either a manual switch or an open-collector must switch video signals. VIDEO A is normally connected to COMMON. When the TRIG terminal is pulled to ground, VIDEO B is connected to COMMON and VIDEO A is disconnected. The TX-MVX utilizes a high-quality RF relay allowing the module to either route a single video source to one of two destinations, or switch two video sources to a single video destination. The actual switch (or other module actuating the switch action) may be located remotely from the TX-MVX.

Many RDL modules feature an open-collector SLAVE control terminal. These terminals may be used to control the TX-MVX. Alternatively, relay contacts on other equipment may also be used to control the TX-MVX. For example when used with other RDL® modules, the TX-MVX could switch video:

  • using audio detection (ST-ACR) from an external audio source
  • using video detection (TX-VCR) from another video source
  • at a prescribed time during a power-up sequence (RU-SQ6A)
  • from logic signals (ST-LCR)
  • using wall-mounted remote controls (RT2, RC2-ST or RUC-4)

Use the TX-MVX individually in NTSC or PAL systems, or combine it with other RDL products and various mounting accessories as part of a complete audio/video system.