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6-Port USB Charging Table Insert

Keyboards, mouses, laptop chargers, cell chargers, USB hubs, phones, AV cables...  We get it - you've got a 'peripheral nest' on top of your conference table.  Wouldn't it be great if there was any easy way to clean all this up?  Enter the TL-TI series from TechLogix Networx.

The TL-TI line of table inserts replace clunky pop-up boxes with compact grommets which mount in standard 2.25” furniture holes. From video passthrough to active electronics, these table inserts provide a connection point for all the peripherals you use in your meeting rooms.


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        • Fast charging for up to six mobile devices at once.
        • Six [6] USB-A Female Port (Top)
        • One [1] Coaxial DC power input (Bottom)
        • Power supply: 110~240VAC Input, 5v 10a Output
        • Easy setup: Plug-and-Play, Hot-Swappable, Hot-Pluggable
        • Snaglessâ„¢ under-table mounting
        • Construction: Aluminum top panel (black finish), Steel housing
        • New Installation hole diameter 57mm (2.25")
        • Retrofit hole size range 57mm~70mm (2.25"~2.75")
        • Maximum table thickness 38mm (1.5")
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        DisplayPort Pass-Through Table Insert HDMI Pass-Through Table Insert VGA and Audio Pass-Through Table Insert 4-Port USB Hub Table Insert USB and Audio Pass-Through Table Insert
        1. Measure the new hole location and mask off the surrounding area.
        2. Carefully drill hole in the table from the top down using a 57mm (2.25") hole saw.
        3. Screw the appropriate depth adapters into the back of the table insert.
        4. Center the table insert in the hole.
        5. Screw backing plate down until snug (don't overtighten).
        6. Connect peripherals.
      • What's in the box?
        One [1] 50w Power supply, One [1] 6' (2m) AC Mains cable, One [1] table insert, one [1] backing plate, two [2] 10mm depth adapters, two [2] 20mm depth adapters, two [2] backing screws 2.5mm(D) x 10mm(L) x 0.40mm(P)

        How many watts are provided to each output?
        The TL-TI-PUSB provides 10a TOTAL to all outputs. Each output will provide power on demand for each device until 10a is exceeded. This means super-fast charging for your power-hungry devices.

        I have a MacBook that uses a USB charger - can I charge it with this device?
        Yup! We have tested this while also charging tablets and phones with no issues.

        I have a thick table - will this work?
        Sure! You can 'stack' the included depth adapters to accommodate a table thickness up to 38mm (1.5"). If your table is thicker, please contact us, we can provide additional depth adapters.

        I have a table that already has holes in it, but they are too wide for the Table Insert. Now what?
        We are currently working on a solution for this - please contact us with your requirements.

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