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Tool kit for attaching and modifying TL-SMPC presentation cables

The TL-SMPC-TK tool kit is an ideal accessory for TechLogix TL-SMPC presentation cables. The kit includes a Torx T-10 pin driver and a 1.5mm hex wrench used for attaching, detaching, adjusting and replacing TL-SMPC components.
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    • Used for adjusting, attaching & detaching TechLogix TL-SMPC presenter cables
    • Includes a Torx T-10 pin driver & a 1.5mm hex wrench
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    Share-Meâ„¢ Presenter Cables

    6' HDMI Cable with the adapters you need for your collaboration space.

    1. Use the Torx T-10 pin driver for attaching and detaching the presentation ring from the HDMI cable.
    2. Use the 1.5mm hex wrench for opening and closing the presentation ring to add, remove or replace HDMI adapters. c
  • What comes in the package?
    One Torx T-10 pin driver and one 1.5mm hex wrench.

  • TechLogix Part# TechLogix SKU#
    TL-SMPC-TK 1004-0402-23