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Share-Meâ„¢ puck with HDMI input

Historically, collaboration technology meant expense and complexity or do-it-yourself frustration. In either case, rarely was the actual use and preference of the ultimate user considered. Enter the TechLogix SMP System.

This intuitive package combines a control system, twisted pair extender, and presentation switcher in a single, affordable package.

Simply place the transmitter in the collaboration space, place the receiver at the display or projector, connect the two with a twisted pair cable, and connect power to the receiver.

No more complexity, lost remote controls or missing presentation adapters—the SMP transmitter and receiver manage the room reliably, affordably, and intuitively.

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    • Designed for table or podium-top use
    • HDMI input
    • HDMI output
    • Twisted pair between transmitter and receiver
    • Buttons for display control
    • Built-in cable strain relief and security
    • Built-in IR window for learning commands
    • Selectable CEC and IR display control outputs
    • Powered from the receiver
    • Locking power supply
    • 220 ft. (70m) max distance between the transmitter and receiver
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