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Share-Meâ„¢ Presenter for HDMI, VGA, DP

Traditional audio-visual systems rely on a centrally located rack containing sources, processors, controllers, power conditioners, and a host of other electronics dedicated to making the audio and video work in our rooms and buildings. But happens if we don’t have a rack or data closet? Or if the cabling runs are impossibly long or unwieldy? Of if we have multiple users at multiple stations and multiple displays strung throughout the facility?

Enter the TechLogix TL-SM-HDVDP Share-Me™ presentation system. Each TL-SM-HDVDP presenter is versatile enough to service as a four input switcher for both local and remote sources, while also serving two independent outputs—one local and one remote—with selectable video and display control. It’s effectively a switcher, extender, scaler, and controller all in a single device.

Simply place a TL-SM-HDVDP presenter at each user station, local room, or meeting table and connect up to three local sources. Connect the presenters to in-area local displays via an HDMI cable, or connect the presenters to remote displays and/or additional presenters via twisted pair cable. Each unit can select and display the local video sources and the remote sources linked in the chain.

The TL-SM-HDVDP offers a clean, easy-to-use and affordable alternative to the traditional AV system, all without sacrificing processing horsepower or usability.

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    • Share-Meâ„¢ system for in-room and multi-room applications
    • Ideal for distributed AV systems & cascaded devices
    • Link multiple devices & rooms via twisted pair extension
    • Twisted pair extension up to 330 ft. (100m)
    • Three local device inputs: HDMI, DisplayPort & VGA
    • One twisted pair input & one twisted pair output
    • Local HDMI output with audio de-embedding
    • Auto or manual switching between outputs
    • Manual switching via contact closure, front panel or software
    • HDMI 2.0 compliant
    • HDCP 2.2 compliant
    • Output video signal scaling
    • Video support up to 4K@60 4:2:0
    • Display control via CEC and RS232
    • Two port Ethernet switch with integrated extension over twisted pair
    • Built-in USB charger for mobile devices
    • Built-in web server for software control
    • Built-in signal re-clocking & cable equalization
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    1. Determine how many TL-SM-HDVDP units will be linked in the system and where they will be located.
    2. Power on the TL-SM-HDVDP presenters using the included 12VDC power supply.
    3. Connect the TL-SM-HDVDP presenters to a computer using an Ethernet cable and the units’ Ethernet ports.
    4. Launch the TL-SM-HDVDP software per the instructions in the manual.
    5. Identify and uniquely name each TL-SM-HDVDP presenter in the system.
    6. Connect the TL-SM-HDVDP presenters together via a twisted pair cable.
    7. Connect local sources to the TL-SM-HDVDP presenters using the HDMI, VGA, and/or DisplayPort inputs.
    8. Connect displays to the TL-SM-HDVDP presenters using the HDMI outputs.
    9. Optionally connect controllers to the TL-SM-HDVDP presenters via the contact closure inputs.
    10. Optionally connect additional features (USB charging, Ethernet pass-through, etc.) as needed.
    11. Boom!
  • What comes in the package?
    Each TL-SM-HDVDP includes one switcher, two 3.5mm phoenix connectors (2-pin), two 3.5mm phoenix connectors (3-pin), two 3.5mm phoenix connectors (4-pin), two mounting ears, one 12VDC power adapter, and one manual.

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