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High Quality Fiber Optic Pen Cleaner for 2.5mm SC/ST/FC Ferrules

Do you have intermittent signal dropouts? Did you accidentally let that patch cable hit the floor while dressing up your equipment rack? How good was that hamburger at lunch?

You might need to clean up the ends of your fiber before you install it into your gear. But, if you already installed it, the device will still help you get out of that jam.

The TL-PCLEAN-SC is an innovative design of the traditional fiber end-face cleaner: using a special dust-free clean wire material with full contact cleaning, different types of oil and debris can be cleaned at one time. This pen cleaner can be used to clean SC, ST, and FC connectors, including the female fiber ports.

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        • Cleans SC, ST, and FC style fiber connectors and ports
        • Cleans male and female ends
        • >800 cleaning cycles
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      • M4D-ECO





        M4D-ECO M3-50125-LC10

        Economy Premade Cables - Duplex Multimode

        Patch cables in standard lengths up to 10m

        Armored Premade Cables - Duplex Multimode

        Patch cables in standard lengths up to 30m

        Multimode Duplex Riser Cable

        1000' (330m) reel of OM3 Duplex Riser Fiber Optic Cable

        Multimode Duplex Plenum Cable

        1000' (330m) reel of OM3 Duplex Plenum Fiber Optic Cable

        Multimode LC Connectors

        10 Pack of LC Connectors

        1. Remove the protective cap.
        2. Push the pen tip onto the fiber cable end or into the fiber cable port.
        3. Replace the protective cap.
        4. Voilà!
      • What connectors will this cleaner work with?
        It will work with LC and MU connectors. This will also work with LC and MU connector ports.

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        Fiber Optic Pen Cleaner