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In-line HDMI Controller & De-embedder

You just purchased your $2,000 display and installed it in your boardroom—awesome. You ran your cabling and connected it to your boardroom table connection point—groovy. You sit down and connect your laptop—everything is perfect. Everything except the control…shoot.

Countless classrooms, boardrooms, conference rooms and collaboration spaces spend thousands of dollars on connectivity hardware only to realize they still need a basic remote control for the display. Worse yet, remote controls often get lost or run out of batteries at the most inopportune times. 

The TL-INCT-01 eliminates the need for remote controls—simply place it in-line between the source and display. It senses activity on the HDMI stream and outputs control signals to connected devices. For example, connecting a tablet or laptop will automatically turn on the display. The TL-INCT-01 even has the smarts to turn on a projector and drop a screen.

Don’t hunt for remote controls...automate with the TL-INCT-01.
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    • (1) HDMI input
    • (1) HDMI output
    • Senses HDMI activity & automatically outputs control signals to connected devices
    • Digital and analog audio de-embedding
    • Built-in CEC controller for display control
    • Built-in RS232 learning for display control
    • Built-in relay outputs for display control
    • 15 built-in EDID presets
    • 4K@60 compliant
    • HDCP 2.2 compliant
    • Built-in cable equalization & signal regeneration
    • Built-in ESD and surge protection
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    1. Connect the TL-INCT-01 to the source device using an HDMI cable.
    2. Connect the TL-INCT-01 to the destination device using an HDMI cable.
    3. Optionally connect the TL-INCT-01 to an audio reinforcement system using a SPDIF or 3.5mm cable.
    4. Optionally connect the TL-INCT-01 to the destination device using a multi-conductor cable (RS232 or relay).
    5. Connect the power supply (included in the package) to the TL-INCT-01.
    6. Connect the power supply to an AC outlet or power source.
  • What comes in the package?
    Each TL-INCT-01 includes an in-line controller, mounting hardware and power supply.

    What’s the max length of HDMI cable that I can connect to the controller?
    It really depends on the cable type and quality. Typically, we recommend using a twisted pair or fiber optic extender set for cable runs longer than 50 feet.

    Do I need to power the unit?
    Yes, the TL-INCT-01 requires power and ships with a power supply.

    How does the ESD and surge protection work?
    The TL-INCT-01 is designed with an internal protection circuit that will discharge up to +8kV of stray electricity, which can be a problem in areas prone to static electricity build up (think dry climates). This not only protects the switcher, but also the devices connected to the switcher.

    What is CEC?
    CEC, more properly known as Consumer Electronics Control, is a bi-directional control protocol that’s part of the HDMI stream. It allows devices connected with an HDMI cable to “talk” to each other; in practice this typically means when one device turns on, the connected device also turns on and switches to the connected input. And that’s exactly how the TL-INCT-01 uses CEC—when the controller sensing activity on the HDMI stream it sends a command to the display to turn on.

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