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USB 3.0 over fiber extender -- 100m

USB-based devices are notoriously hard to extend. The USB specification limits maximum cable lengths to 3 meters (about 9 feet 10 inches), which leaves many applications searching for an extension solution.

SuperSpeed (USB 3.0) cameras in particular often are left short in collaborative spaces, especially considering huddle rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms and lecture spaces are increasingly integrating cameras for recording and remote conferencing.

TechLogix tackled the issue with the TL-FO-USB3-01, which transmits SuperSpeed USB signals up to 100 meters (330 feet) using duplex fiber optic cabling.

The TL-FO-USB3-01 features a built-in two port hub and supplies 900mA power to connected devices.

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    • Extends USB up to 100m (330 feet) over OM3 multimode fiber optic cabling
    • Extends USB up to 50m (165 feet) over OM2 multimode fiber optic cabling
    • Compatible with USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed) devices
    • Not compatible with USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed) and USB 1.1 (Full Speed and Low Speed) devices
    • Supports USB speeds up to 5 Gbps
    • Includes both a transmitter (host) and receiver (client)
    • Receiver features built-in two port hub
    • Receiver provides 900mA power/charging to connected devices
    • System powered on the receive end – no power required at the transmitter
    • Requires duplex fiber (two strands)
    • Duplex LC fiber connectors on both the transmitter and receiver
    • Plug-and-play, no drivers required
    • FCC Class B certified
    • Durable metal housing
    • Locking power supply
    • Compatible with all major computer operating systems
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  • Single Mode Fiber Optic Transceiver - 20km
    The TL-FO-USB3-01 includes multi mode fiber optic transceivers with a distance limitation of 100m.  Using [2] of the TL-1GSFP-SM20K transceivers will increase the distance to 20km using duplex single mode fiber,

    1. Run a duplex fiber optic patch cord with LC connectors between your source device and destination device.
    2. Plug the TL-FO-USB3-01 transmitter (included in the package) directly to the USB output port of your host device.
    3. Plug the TL-FO-USB3-01 receiver (included in the package) directly to the USB input port of your client device. Optionally connect up to three other USB devices.
    4. Connect the fiber optic patch cord with LC connectors to the input ports on the TL-FO-USB3-01 transmitter and receiver.
    5. Connect the power supply (included in the package) to the POWER port on the TL-FO-USB3-01 receiver.
    6. Connect the power supply to an AC outlet or power source.
  • What comes in the package?
    Each TL-FO-USB3-01 includes a transmitter, a receiver, two SFP fiber modules, one 2 meter USB cable, one power supply, and a manual.

    What’s the max length of USB cable that I can connect to the extender?
    For best results, the TL-FO-USB3-01 requires a cable that meets the USB specification (less than 5m/16 ft.). Placing a booster or junction hub inline could compromise the signal integrity.

    Do I need to power the unit?
    Yes, the TL-FO-USB3-01 requires power on the receiver end and ships with a power supply.

    What version of USB is compatible with the system?
    The TL-FO-USB3-01 is compatible with USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed) devices. It is NOT compatible with USB 1.1 (both Low Speed and Full Speed) and USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed) devices.

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