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Audio mixer/amp for in-room audio - 50W

Flat panel televisions are great tools in today’s classrooms and conference rooms—costs have decreased, performance and reliability have increased, and they provide exceptionally high quality audio and video. But how do you handle larger rooms requiring projectors? Or smaller rooms with monitors that only handle video? Video without audio not only lacks impact, it also halves your message.

“Video only” projectors and displays require a secondary audio system, as do larger rooms where displays with built-in speakers simply lack enough punch.

Stereo audio amplification systems (also known as 8 ohm systems) are ideal for in-room audio distribution. Typically, these systems include a small mixer/amplifier connected to speakers with simple wiring. The mixer/amplifier connects directly to the audio source or sources (typically computers, switchers, tablets, microphones or even the display itself), converts and amplifies the audio, and distributes it to the speakers in the room. 

The TL-A8O-50W is an ideal choice for in-room mixing and amplification—it supports connections from three audio devices, allows remote volume control and equalization, powers stereo or mono speakers, and even loops out to a second mixer/amplifier or recording system for larger, more flexible audio distribution needs. Plus, unlike many other compact commercial mixer/amps, the TL-A8O-50W includes a digital audio optical input, which is ideal for most modern hi-fi equipment.
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    • (1) RCA stereo audio input
    • (1) 3.5mm stereo audio input
    • (1) TOSLink optical digital audio input
    • 2x50W Class D amplification
    • Line level looping output
    • Rotary knob for volume control
    • Front panel, Ethernet, IR & RS232 control
    • Built-in software control
    • Built-in EQ
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    1. Mount or position the TL-A8O-50W amplifier in its permanent location.
    2. Connect the audio sources to the TL-A8O-50W.
    3. Connect the speakers to the TL-A8O-50W according to your speaker type (8 Ohm or 4 Ohm).
    4. Connect a control system via IR, Ethernet or RS232 (if desired).
    5. Connect the power supply to an AC outlet or power source.
  • What comes in the package?
    Each TL-A8O-50W includes a mixer/amplifier, mounting hardware (great for wall, ceiling or under-table mounting), rubber feet for table top use, an RS232 control cable, a power supply, and an installation guide.

    Do I need to power the unit?
    Yes, the TL-A8O-50W requires power and ships with a power supply.

    What type of speakers can I use with the TL-A8O-50W?
    The TL-A8O-50W is designed for use with 4 Ohm (also displayed as 4Ω) or 8 Ohm (also displayed as 8Ω) speakers. The mixer/amp is most commonly used with two 8Ω speakers with 50W per channel. You can also use one 4Ω speaker at 100W.

    What happens if I use other types of speakers?
    Don’t….you risk damaging the amp or speakers.

    Ok, that’s great, but how do I wire a 4Ω or 8Ω system.
    Good question, and it’s really pretty simple. Our installation guide (check the Resources link) has diagrams.

    How many speakers can I connect to the TL-A8O-50W?
    There’s not a limit on speakers, provided the speaker wattage doesn’t exceed the TL-A8O-50W’s wattage. To ensure long-term performance and signal quality, we recommend limiting the total system wattage to 80% of the unit’s total capability (one 80 watt channel or two 40 watt channels).

    What type of cable do I use to wire the TL-A8O-50W to the speakers?
    We recommend a high quality 18, 16, 14, 12, or 10 AWG (gauge) speaker cable. The lower gauge the better performance and greater distance between the TL-A8O-50W and the speakers.

    Is there a maximum recommended distance between the TL-A8O-50W and the speakers in the system?
    Typically, 4Ω or 8Ω systems require speaker cable lengths to be under 50 feet.

    Wire Size

    4 ohm load

    8 ohm load

    22 AWG

    6 feet max

    12 feet max

    20 AWG

    10 feet max

    20 feet max

    18 AWG

    16 feet max

    32 feet max

    16 AWG

    24 feet max

    48 feet max

    14 AWG

    40 feet max

    50 feet max

    12 AWG

    50 feet max

    50 feet max

    10 AWG

    50 feet max

    50 feet max

    I noticed the digital audio optical input on the TL-A8O-50W and know it’s a two channel amp. What happens if I send the unit multi-channel audio?
    The TL-A8O-50W is compatible with 5.1 surround sound audio; it will receive the signal and convert the digital audio to analog for distribution. However, only the right and left channels of the 5.1 signal will be distributed out of the amplifier.

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