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IR Control Kit for the TL-A8O-20W mixer/amp

The TL-A8O-20W-IR is a convenient remote control kit for the TechLogix TL-A8O-20W mixer/amplifier. Simply connect the included IR receiver into the IR port on the rear of the mixer/amplifier and use the wireless remote to control the unit.

Remote control functions include:

  • Input selection from two different sources
  • Individual microphone and line input muting
  • Global speaker output muting
  • Individual microphone and line input volume control
  • Bass EQ adjustment
  • Treble EQ adjustment
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    • Includes one wireless remote control & one IR receiver
    • Designed for use with the TechLogix TL-A8O-20W mixer/amplifier
    • IR signal transmission between the receiver & remote control
    • 35 – 70 ft. (10 – 20m) maximum recommended transmission distance
    • 5 ft. (1.5m) IR receiver cable length
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    1. Identify the location of the TL-A8O-20W mixer/amplifier.
    2. Connect the included IR receiver in the TL-A8O-20W-IR kit to the IR input port on the rear of TL-A8O-20W mixer/amplifier. Ensure that the IR receiver is in a visible location and is not obstructed by any solid materials.
    3. Control the TL-A8O-20W using the included wireless remote control in the TL-A8O-20W-IR kit. For best operation, point the wireless remote control directly at the IR receiver.
    4. Enjoy!
  • What comes in the package?
    Each TL-A8O-20W-IR kit includes one wireless remote control, one IR receiver, and one battery for the wireless remote control.

    What products are the TL-A8O-20W-IR kit compatible with?
    The remote kit is compatible with the TechLogix TL-A8O-20W mixer/amplifier.

    What mixer/amp functions can I control with this remote kit?
    A bunch….in fact, it’s about the same as controlling the unit through the front panel. You can control: Input selection from two different sources, Individual microphone and line input muting, Global speaker output muting, Individual microphone and line input volume control, Bass EQ adjustment, and Treble EQ adjustment

    What’s the range between the IR receiver and wireless remote control?
    It’s hard to assign an exact distance between the IR receiver and wireless remote control because it uses IR technology which can be affected differently in every environment; however, in general, the effective maximum range of IR is between 35 and 70 feet (10 to 20 meters).

    Can I control the mixer/amp from a different room?
    Not really. IR is designed for “in-room” applications, meaning it doesn’t pass through solid objects (walls, doors, windows, etc.) very well.

    Can I mount the IR receiver in a rack, ceiling box, or other confined space?
    The mixer/amp can be installed in a confined space (provided you follow your local electrical and low voltage installation codes); however, the IR receiver should be visibly located in the room. For best operation, there should be a direct, unobstructed line of sight between the wireless remote control and IR receiver.

    Do I need to point the wireless remote control directly at the IR receiver?
    Ideally, assuming you want best operation. However, the TL-A8O-20W uses IR scatter technology so pointing the remote in the general proximity to the IR receiver should work fine…provided you are not exceeding the maximum distance recommendations.

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