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2x2 HDMI Matrix

{Discontinued 6-18-19}

The TL-2X2-HD is an affordable solution for applications requiring multiple displays, such as lecture halls, residential AV, houses of worship, retail and hospitality. Simply connect up to two high-definition sources and up to two high-definition displays. Switching is controlled remotely via IR and locally via intuitive buttons on the front panel.

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    • (2) HDMI inputs
    • (2) HDMI outputs
    • Matrix switching of any input to any or all outputs
    • Analog audio de-embedding on output channel 1
    • Manual switching via IR and front panel buttons
    • HDMI 1.4a / HDCP 1.4
    • 4K@30 compliant
    • 12-bit deep color compliant
    • 3D compliant
    • Built-in cable equalization & signal regeneration
    • Built-in ESD and surge protection
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    1. Connect the TL-2X2-HD to up to two source devices using HDMI cables.
    2. Connect the TL-2X2-HD to up to two displays using HDMI cables
    3. Connect the power supply (included in the package) to the TL-2X2-HD.
    4. Connect the power supply to an AC outlet or power source.
  • What comes in the package?
    Each TL-2X2-HD includes a 2X2 switcher, remote control and power supply.

    What’s the max length of HDMI cable that I can connect to the switcher?
    It really depends on the cable type and quality. Typically, we recommend using a twisted pair or fiber optic extender set for cable runs longer than 50 feet.

    Do I need to power the unit?
    Yes, the TL-2X2-HD requires power and ships with a power supply.

    How does the ESD and surge protection work?
    The TL-2X2-HD is designed with an internal protection circuit that will discharge up to +8kV of stray electricity, which can be a problem in areas prone to static electricity build up (think dry climates). This not only protects the switcher, but also the devices connected to the switcher.

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