Power Distributor - Linear - (PS-24A/B/E/K)

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The ST-PD5 is the ideal choice where power distribution and decoupling is needed. It is suitable for powering up to five modules from a single linear power supply, providing a common low-impedance source for each module.

In system design, various modules are frequently operated from a single power supply. In order to prevent the introduction of hum and noise, good engineering practice requires that the power wiring to each module originate at the power supply output. The ST-PD5 serves as the power source for each of five modules, permitting the actual power supply to be located elsewhere in the rack or system.

The ST-PD5 should be mounted near the modules it powers. If wiring is kept short (

Five outputs are available on the ST-PD5. Power indication is provided by an LED, and reverse voltage protection is also provided. A single ST-PD5 can provide power to RDL's® floating modules. A separate ST-PD5 can provide power to ground-referenced modules (Do not attempt to intermix floating and ground-referenced modules from a single ST-PD5).