Fiber Bulk Cable - Duplex 3mm Riser Rated OM3 - 50/125 SSF - 1000' Reel

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Fiber Bulk Cable - Duplex 3mm Riser Rated OM3 - 50/125 SSF - 1000' Reel

TechLogix Networx SSF™ advanced optical glass fibers are much stronger, safer, and faster terminating than typical fibers.

This duplex style cable provides the ultimate in durability and bend with ease of termination.

SSF™ fibers are  always protected at the glass level as a result of their integral polymeric coating, increasing both bend and tensile strength to unprecedented levels.

TechLogix Networx SSF™ fibers are compatible with all common connector systems on the market for standard 50/125 multimode and 9/125 Singlemode fibers.



  • High mechanical strength and superior fatigue & durability
  • Integral coating eliminates stripping, provides glass protection
  • Bend longevity for 10,000X longer life time than normal fibers
  • Increased safety factor due to the incredible bend insensitivity
  • Glass fiber remains protected at all times from the elements
  • Simplified termination pr\ocess designed for ease of use
  • Ultra low Attenuation loss on tight bend radius
  • Exclusive 250um Soft peel jacket identifier