EclerNet touch-screen wall pane

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ECLER WPmSCREEN is a remote control panel compatible with all the EclerNet products, like MIMO88 / SG, NXA series y DUO-NET PLAYER. It features a 7” touch-screen and an integrated UCP (User Control Panel) client and server hardware: no computer is required to run an EclerNet project and become a UCP webserver, once one or more WPmSCREEN units are installed in it. Each unit can be configured by means of the UCP control system as a local zone control or as a global control, as they are totally compatible with the standard UCP panels architecture, and also with third-party UCP clients (iOS©, Android©, Windows©, etc.).
WPmSCREEN includes a surface mount installation box, and is as well compatible with standard recessed boxes and the VESA75 mount system.