Three Input Format-A Source Selector

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The D SERIES-TPRX3A is a three-pair audio receiving and switching module compatible with RDL Format-A twisted pair products. Three audio sources are available, corresponding to the three signal pairs A, B and C. The front panel of the -TPRX3A features three pushbuttons, each corresponding to one of three inputs. When a button is pushed, the corresponding audio input is fed to the output and any previously selected source is shut off. Only one source may be selected at a time. If the button for a selected source is pushed again, all inputs are turned off. An LED adjacent to each button shows which source is selected.

When a -TPRX3A is not being used, its display switches to a dim intensity to avoid being a visual distraction. The display returns to a bright intensity when a button is pushed. In the event of power loss, internal non-volatile memory stores the last source selected. When power is restored, the -TPRX3A will return to the source that was active when power was lost.

The D SERIES-TPRX3A was designed for absolute silent switching of audio signals. It provides a balanced line-level output that may be connected unbalanced.

The -TPRX3A features bridging inputs, allowing it to be connected to the LOOP OUT jack of other receivers. The bridging input circuits used in all FORMAT-A twisted pair receivers allow connection of up to 10 receivers for each cable pair. The possibility of multiple receiver locations adds enormous flexibility in the design of audio monitoring systems using RDL FORMAT-A products.

The -TPRX3A may be powered directly from a 24 Vdc power supply using either the power jack or the detachable terminal block. Local power connected to the module is also fed to all modules connected to the INPUT RJ45 jack. The -TPRX3A may be remotely powered through the twisted pair cable from any other module, signal distributor or RDL power inserter connected to the same twisted pair cable.

The D SERIES-TPRX3A remote controls are constructed on a steel frame. The electronics are fully protected within the rear enclosure. Use them with RDL wall-mounted accessories as part of a complete audio/video system.